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A Savior Born To Dwell Among Us

For centuries on Christmas Day the Church has read chapter one of St. John’s Gospel. There, in just a few simple words, Scripture describes the indescribable: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (John 1:14). The word God had spoken in the Garden, promising to send a Savior who was part of mankind, came true. God himself became flesh and blood—to be born under law, to suffer, and to die that he might redeem us. 

The Greek word translated “made his dwelling” can also be translated “pitched his tent.” That word describes a temporary dwelling place. God came into our broken world to dwell for a time, so that one day we might go to God’s perfect home and dwell with him for all eternity.

Unlike the shepherds who heard the angels' announcement and then hurried off to see Jesus, we cannot see Christ with our eyes. Yet still he dwells among us. For he is the Word made flesh. As we listen to the Word today, we truly are hearing the voice of Christ. Still today, our Savior dwells among us as he prepares us for our true home.

Join us to celebrate this wonderful miracle of God coming down to us to bring us up to him!