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A Savior Is Born To Change The World

The first Christmas sermon was preached to a small congregation consisting entirely of shepherds. The preacher was an angel. The message of his sermon? “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you.”

That is a heavy word: Savior. It says as much about us as it does about this child. If the angel had said “a teacher has been born” or “a mentor has been born,” it would mean that within us exists the potential to fix all that is wrong with the world. It would mean we just need a bit of help: a coach, a mentor, a source of inspiration.

But the angel said, “A Savior has been born.” If one needs saving, it means he is totally helpless—completely lost—doomed, without outside intervention. That is how God the Father viewed us: helpless, lost, doomed. So, he sent more than a coach. He sent his only Son to be our Savior. 

Jesus being our Savior changes everything. It brought glory to God and peace on earth. We don't have to try to fix ourselves or change the world. Jesus already did.

Join us and see how this Savior who was born on that first Christmas changes your world!